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Digital Marketing Services

ScopeGen is a group of passionate individuals who look forward to assisting you with all
your digital marketing and IT consulting needs.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a magical process that improves the ranking of your website on various search engines. Our SEO wizards are well-versed with every subtle detail involved in this process and they are fully aware of every update by major search engines. They know how to create the best SEO strategy for business. A detailed analysis of the industry, audience behavior, trends, color psychology, Google updates, keywords research, and a lot more things help us to create the perfect SEO strategy. We will make sure you rank on top by optimizing your website and other content.


Social Media Platforms are among the most preferred channels to promote your business online. The reason is simple. You can target a larger number of audiences at very low prices. Not only this, but you also get to engage with your audience and establish a connection with them, which is crucial for any business to grow. Therefore, it is very important to optimally utilize the benefits of social media platforms. Under SMO or Social Media Optimization, we optimize your social media presence in order to garner traffic organically. This covers everything from the DP to the description and from the background image to content.


One of the fastest methods of digital promotion is PPC or Pay Per Click. It is an effective method of ranking an advertisement for your business on search engines for a particular keyword. This method is used when you need spontaneous results. Now, let us tell you one important thing. This might seem all too good but your PPC campaign must be planned precisely after proper research to get the best ROI. Otherwise, you might end up complaining that these campaigns are a waste of money but that's just not true. Get in touch and we will demonstrate how we exceed your expectations.


While your business is online, you need to maintain its reputation. It is the prominence of your business that will influence the psychology of the buyers. ORM or Online Reputation Management is a process that is utilized for this specific purpose. Maintaining a reputation for a business not only requires a lot of research and analysis but also demands a lot of steps taken in a specific order. ORM is an important part of our Digital Marketing Process and we have experts on-board who are accomplished in the art and science of managing business reputation.


One of the oldest yet prominent methods of online promotion is through Adwords. The advertisement for your product or service runs on famous blogs, websites, or social media platforms that are already garnering high amounts of traffic. This directly means that your business will be noticed by a large number of audiences. However, there is a catch. Your ads must be visible to your targeted audience. Let us ask you a few questions: • Do you know where to run your ads so that your targeted audience could see it? • Do you know how to segregate the channel of promotion? • Do you have any knowledge or tool that could help you in this regard? Don't worry we have answers to all these questions. You can rely on us.

Content Marketing

Just imagine this website without any written content. Yes, you guessed it right! Without content, the website will serve no purpose. It is the content that acts as an effective communication tool between you and your audience. This is how important content is for your digital marketing campaign. Content Marketing plays a crucial role in representing your business. It also holds the power to skyrocket the traffic on your website, application, social media pages, etc. When it comes to effective Content Marketing, you'll hardly get a better choice than our proficient writers. Do you need a better demonstration than the content on this website?

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